What is Balconing?

Balconing is an activity stupid craze that kills.  It involves the drunken antics of jumping between balconies of rooms at a hotel or apartment, or jumping from a balcony into a swimming pool.  Balconing has become very popular over the past few years with foreign holidaymakers thinking they are superman after a heavy nights drinking.  It mostly occurs in the high rise apartment blocks in the Balearic Islands, mainly Magaluf in Majorca and the party resorts of Ibiza.

If you’re thinking of balconing on your next holiday, then don’t.  If anything goes wrong, whilst it won’t affect you, think of the people you’ll leave behind….

So far in 2013, 7 people have died from balconing.

The Foreign Office, along with ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) launched a campaign in June this year called “Don’t fool around on balconies’.  This seems to have fallen on deaf ears over the summer months as more photos and videos appear online of these macho idiotic people.  To read the leaflet on booze and balconies don’t mix, along with the story of Jake who survived a fall, click here

It balconing doesn’t kill, you maybe left with life changing injuries, so think about the consequences as dozens of young British holiday makers are die or severely injured each year.

Check out these videos on balconing to see how dangerous and stupid it is.

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What are you thoughts on balconing?

Have you taken part in it?  Do you know anyone who’s family has been affected by injury or even death?

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