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Thomson Holidays TV Advert – One eyed Teddy Bear

Thomson Holidays have launched their latest TV marketing campaign.

Watch Thomson’s Miles the Bear TV advert

The advertising campaign is called ‘Discover Your Smile’ and will debut on Saturday nights ITV’s X Factor show.

It’s a Film about a Smile and the story of a one eyed Teddy bear called Miles. His journey from being stuck in the routine of everyday life, to being whisked away on a Thomson 787 Dreamliner to the Thomson Sensatori Resort in Jamaica.

He is taken everywhere by his owner and begins to love the holiday as soon as he’s on the flight.

His smile is gradually restored by the amazing hotel, luxury dining and a swim up room.

This powerful new ad follows on from the success of the Simon the Ogre TV advert which Thomson released earlier this year. William Shatner does the voice over and the song is Queen’s Bohemian Rapsody. Thomson hopes it will raise the profile of the TUI logo and what better way to start with this great new advert.

I like the way Thomson’s advertise these days. Their adverts are all about family and enjoying a holiday rather than shoving prices down your throat like most other main stream travel agents.

Thomson have also said there maybe a follow up story in the New Year.

Where can you buy Miles the Bear?

Thomson are due to release Miles for sale across it’s retail shops this Autumn. A percentage will go to the Family Holiday Association.

What do you think of the new advert? It certainly #mademesmile

discover your smile