Tunisia Departure Tax

New Tunisia Departure Tax

From 1st October 2014, any British Nationals travelling to and from Tunisia will be required to pay a departure tax.

This is ontop of the tourist tax you pay directly to the hotels.

Are the Tunisian Government trying to make extra money off tourists?

Tunisia Departure Tax

photo by Dennis Jarvis under CC

What is the cost of the departure tax?

The cost is 30 Tunisian dinars per person. This is approx £11-13 depending on the exchange rate.

Where do I pay the departure tax?

You can pay at any airport or local revenue office in Tunisia, either on the day of departure or at any point during your stay.

Will I get proof I’ve paid?

When you’ve paid your Tunisia departure tax, you will be issued with a stamp that must be fixed to your passport. You will need to show this to the Police control at the airport.

I booked before the tax came into place, do I still have to pay?

Yes, regardless when you booked, if you are coming back from Tunisia after the 1st October, you will have to pay the departure tax.

So now you have to pay a departure tax when you leave Tunisia, will that put you off travelling? Tell me your thoughts below…